Linux Introduction

What Is Linux ?

A lot of people don't know this, but when we talk about Linux, we are actually talking about the Linux kernel, that core component of any operating system. That component, which is the kernel, regulates communication between hardware and software.

Kernel is Linux over there and everything else that's built around it, like services as well as utilities, such as graphical user interfaces that ultimately makes up a Linux distribution.

why should you learn Linux?

Actually, you have interacted with Linux in some way or another. So you will find Linux is used in many things like TVs, Phones and networking equipment. You know, when you go shopping and you have to check out that Point of Sale system is most likely running some sort of Linux plus tablets and GPS devices, In fact, they run Linux. Also, a lot of machines that power the stock exchanges are Linux based. More than that, You have interacted with Linux in other ways, like on the Internet, in the cloud. And a great way to explain the cloud is that it's just someone else's computer that you are making use of. Anyway, If you are doing shopping or looking at news websites or dealing with media storage software as a service, that means you have deal with Linux in one way or another because the cloud is really made up of a lot of Linux machines. Other than that, people who use Linux Cloud typically be developers. Developers need somewhere to run their code. So what they could do is that they could stick their code into a container where the container is a place for you to run your code because it has the libraries and it has the application runtime to support your code. Other than that, engineers can make use of Linux to automate workloads.

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