Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront is a web service that helps you by speeding up the distribution of your web content, static and dynamic, to your users. The web content includes .html, .js, .css, and image files.

CloudFront delivers this content through its network of Data Centers, also called Edge Locations across the globe.

An edge location is the nearest approximate point to the end user using the AWS service that contains a small setup instead of the server and is responsible to deliver static content as a quick response to the user request.

There are over 400+ Edge Locations and 13 Regional Edge Caches. It also provides DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection to protect against an attack that is distributed denial of service, it gives you integration with a shield and web application firewall.

CloudFront - Architecture

How it Works & How to setup:

Amazon CloudFront Hands-on

  • Create a S3 Bucket and upload an Static Website to the sample S3 bucket.
  • Link the cloudFront distribution to serve the image in S3 bucket.
  • Test the distribution.
  • Update Distribution with Custom Error Pages and test.

CloudFront Configuration:

Enter in your browser the URL as https://<CloudFront-Domain>/<file-name>

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